Saturday, September 19, 2009

Turning Forty

I turned forty very recently. I was looking forward to it with trepidation as I have always heard that things will happen at 40. Actually, in my case, Things started not to happen. Here is a list of those

Enlightenment did not happen. I was told that I will attain enlightenment on reaching the momentous age. I in turn can dish them out to all especially to pretty young ones. I slept with a beatific smile on my face on the eve of the birthday. For months I used to practice the smile, before the mirror as it is important to give advice with a beatific and mysterious smile. I woke up the next day hoping to have a glowing halo around my head. Alas, there was no enlightenment. After a warm hug and heartfelt birthday wish, my wife politely told me to brush my teeth and remove the weird expression I was wearing. I am definitely going to ask for my money from the "Satisfaction guaranteed have a beatific smile in 7 days or your money back" course.

Affluence did not happen. I had planned my life and wanted to retire by 40 with a large mansion in Los Angeles, California and to date 7 playmates at a time. Obviously it did not happen because Hugh Hefner has already hijacked it by the time I turned forty. Moreover it was an unrealistic to imagine attaining it at 40, when Hugh could do it only at 107.

Fitness did not happen. I started assiduously to exercise from a week before the D-day so that I can be Usain Bolt by the time I hit Forty. I have an injured Tendon and a bruised shoulder. My gym instructor has strictly told me not to use any weights for doing strength training. I was not disheartened as I know as a diligent physics student that Atmosphere has lot of weight.

Maturity did not happen. I thought at my age, I will feel sagely and wise. Actually, I still feel like a small kid in the candy store. I do not expect women to pull my cheeks and make koochi koo noises but do expect them to give me a hug when they pass by. I am must have grown up a few years.

One realization was that "What nature takes away, it gives back in some form". My head lost some hair and my ear lobes gained. The other realizatin was life has been good to me; Meaningful marriage, fulfilling career, great friends who lift other than air in the gym and hence can lend their strong shoulders and my other two loves; running and writing which adds to the purpose and intent in life.

Forty was not bad at all. I look forward to 107 and hopefully Hugh's playmates would not have aged by then.