Monday, March 2, 2009

G-gap is widening: Rd dis nw

It was required for people to be born at least 30 years apart from each other to have a generation gap. Apparently they have changed the rule and that too without telling me. I was busy attacking the Samosa in the party when my friend sidled up to me and said “I want people like you from the next generation to take over from us”. I almost choked on Samosa with couple of peas stuck in my trachea. My friend is 6 months older than me. It made me conclude that, generation gap can not only be contentious but also be deadly. If you are a regular reader then you would not have failed to notice the “Not only but also” combination.

In keeping with the times, the forces that decides all these things – the folks who run Facebook and Youtube are running out of letters to describe the generation. My generation was called Generation W. It has to be, as the current one is called Generation X. Only thing is that nobody told us we are Generation W.

My proposal is that we can come up with a very simple system which is a combination of letters and numbers. Instead of generalizing and saying that I belong to Gen X, one can say I belong to Gen X.205 version 3.2. It would be make life easier for us folks who were born on the older side of 20th century.

So if receive an email which reads – “Hw’s ur gf? Orkut 4 dt. Mt me @ 5. Gr8. LOL”
All you have to do is run it through the dictionary for finding out the translation in to Generation W Language. If you belong to Generation V then Ha, ha, ha or LOL 2 U.

It is amazing to see that need for vowels are completely eliminated. This is because most or all of the communications happen over phones and everybody is strapped for time; ILU, U R fired, U R dmpd Lsr or Cme 2 da tble 4 dnr. I am sure there is some body smart in Nokia who is proposing a cost saving solution of removing the vowels from the number pad on the phone.
If we type the vowels then it would be impossible to keep up with the messages. It also means that you would get around to sending your New Year greetings by SMS in July only.

I am sure that time is not very far away when my son Aditya would have the perfect excuse for not coming for dinner – “Pop, but you did not send me a calendar request”


  1. Interesting read, this is Mr.RV from Nike Plus Indian challenge.I was wondering what generation I should be in! Keep up the running and good luck with your book.

    Rahul...Green Bay, WI,USA

  2. Thanks, Mr. RV. I am planning to do 150K this month. Jai

  3. datz a gud 1 luvd d dig @ gen x cooool…
    Not only are the usage of vowels reduced but also of capital letters and punctuations (another ‘not only but also’ construction).
    I too belong to Gen W (liked the term!), for whom ‘not only but also’ is the right usage and for whom ‘cool’ meant moderately cold.
    They have definitely reduced the years for generation gap without asking us, which explains why I find it difficult to connect with a person even 3-4 years younger to me.

  4. Hey Sal, reading one showa blog a week is considered moderate consumption. Reading 5 at a time would lead to high level of irrationality.