Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Points to be taken

It was literally a red letter day for me in the month of December. I got a personal letter with the Signature Red from Dr. Vijay Mallya. He expressed his gratitude gushingly for patronizing his airlines and has encouraged me to use it more for which I would get more points. If I collect enough of them, may be I would get a chance to become Atul Kasbekar’s assistant for shooting swim suit calendars.

Points have always been a great motivator. I have more than 20 point cards. Some of them are rare and is available only to manic point collectors. Like the one I have for collecting points for parking my car at Shoppers Stop.

The other day I wanted to earn brownie points from Radhika, my wife.
Me:- Did you notice something?
Radhika: What?
Me: I did not do something especially for you.
Radhika: Other husbands do something special and the lot I picked does “not do” something special. Anyway what is it?
Me (in the tone used by Amitabh when he sacrifices his life in Sholay): I did not go for badminton today.
Radhika: So?
Me: Ok, hand over the dusting cloth, my points are depleted and I need to replenish them.

Some of the points which have been collected by spending needlessly on credit cards have been converted to a small clinic at home. We have state of the art – BP Monitor, Thermometer and Weighing machine which conveniently lies. It asks you – “How much do you want to weigh today”

Some of the other points have been converted to Kitchen stuff. My wife is extremely possessive of Kitchen space.

She has had her full with multiple timers, coffee maker and a food processor with blades which have never been taken out of the cover. Unless it was to show off my gadget freakishness to unsuspecting guests – “This extension can not only crush juice out of dry pomegranates but can count the number of seeds in them”. Radhika has definitely reached the tipping point and has informed me that she will start charging rent on any new buys.

Point taken, especially in the recession times.


  1. and i should be awarded 10 bonus points for being the first one to comment.By now,I have collected 20 pts BTW.Does kitchen space include the floor or the shelf area???

  2. Awarded 10 points. You get to see the blade in exchange.

  3. hahaha...I am sure my husband would love this post...and yeah u r right.. in these recession times.. every single point counts :)

  4. We all should be given 1,000 points for reading garbage like this written on the internet. Every guy who knows to type thinks he is Vikas Swarup.

  5. Hey Anon, Thanks for the comment. 1000 points given. Come again and collect more points.

  6. 'Point' taken.
    Laughing at the idea of the weighing machine that asks, 'how much do you want to weigh today?'

  7. We also have a mirror which says you look thin today even if you wear baggy pants. Thanks for visiting the blog.