Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not competing with Mark Spitz

This morning I was given a very important assignment by the Master of the House (Radhika). I could have written Mistress to appease all my girl friends who are hard core feminists. However Radhika would not have taken kindly to the moniker.

Here is the result of my preparation
I am NOT
a. Competing with Mark Spitz.
b. Competing a role rejected by Abhishek Bachchan, even though stubble might fool you but the similarities end there.
c. Undergone Cataract or Lasik.
d. Propagating Guinness. Although the year 2000 was a great year for the Ale. I am quite snobbish with respect to beer. I need to know the Vintage. I make an exception for KingFisher because they make great educational calendars. Life is continuous learning and I try to learn from January to December, all year long. By the way, the calendar is shot by my dear friend Atul Kasbekar. Please put on hold your plans of sending your portfolio to me. I have not spoken or communicated to Atul in the last 40 years of my existence. He will definitely not recognize me ever. My reasoning is that any one shooting a swimsuit calendar is a dear friend.

So, what am I doing. I am following in the footsteps of my Son and made a mince meat of the assignment given to me by Radhika.

I earned brownie points with Radhika by cutting Onion tearlessly. Although after finishing the job my cheeks were wet with tears of joy. Radhika the ultimate perfectionist looked at the Onion pieces and said "Good job". It felt like winning an Oscar.

I would like to thank the makers of powered swimming glasses - Spalding. My son who gave me the idea and my friends who stood by me in my darkest hour. I will not let this go to my head and come up with better cuts next time too. Thank you.


  1. Man, you do look like a mountaineer! You can even get yourself photographed at the summit of the nearest hill/mound/heap, waving the onion jack! Lol.

    All the best for the Indiblogger Awards. Nice to know you and your blog :)


  2. "cutting Onion tearlessly"... hmmm wearing sunglasses + cutting onions = no tears.

    Genius! Don't forget to patent it! :)

  3. Thanks Roshmi. Looks like I have become a Bong magnet - First Rofl and then you.

    Btw, those are swimming goggles. Glares give you as much protection as ordinary glasses which is no protection.

    All the best for the blogger of the month awards. Vote for me.

  4. An ingenious idea to cut onions!! Must try it tomorrow! :)

  5. Thanks Shilpa. Do send out a home delivery in case you are making any thing interesting.