Monday, June 1, 2009

Salaryman takes a break

This week SalaryMan takes a break from writing. I have an excuse - completion of Sunfeast 10 Run in Bangalore in 55:13. I always feel connected. The race made me feel that more with 7000 feet striking the pavement. I also feel proud to be in a country where a previously unknown person extends a helping hand without a second thought. At the finisher's lounger, we were caught without a camera. We requested an absolutely unknown person to take our photo and email it to us. Thanks Joseph for doing so.

Left to Right: The man with the cool glares and a halo around his head is Rajesh, Muscular dude flashing a victory sign is Subbu, The handsome guy pretending to have biceps is me. Only I am described as handsome because I write this blog.

All of us are MBA - married but available except for Subbu who is secretly available. Before any of you guys get any ideas, we are straight.

For our respective wives who might chance upon this blog - Available means available for running only.

PS:- Subbu came first amongst us with an incredible timing of 53. Rajesh kept looking for Deepika Padukone which made him run at 59. He normally burns the asphalt.


  1. Hi..
    I came to this site through the RFL link I think. Isnt Rajesh in Brigade? I just ran into him this morning at the Brigade school.. anyways, I am hoping to start running with RFL soon, so if you guys are part of that, will meet you all.
    I ran for the first time yesterday and did a 75 min 10k .. need to improve the timing.

    Congrats :)

  2. Congratulations on your run. It is great timing for the first run. I also ran similar timing for the first 10 k. I have written about it in

    You are right the cool dude is Rajesh from Brigade. We run by ourselves on week days and run together either at Cubbon Park or Lalbagh on week ends. The high point is eating Dosas at NMH which is the best dosa joint in the town.

  3. going thro a been there seen it all...kind of feeling.

    kudos for the timings