Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Join my cadence

I have been a runner for last 16 years. I recently converted to being a cyclist. Recently, means today at 6:48 AM. As a veteran cyclist, these are my observations for posterity.

  • There is way too much traffic on the road even at 6:48 AM.
  • We cyclists demand protection. We need cycling lanes and Traffic restrictions between 6 AM to 6 PM and other times if there are night cyclists.
  • Cycling is running with a little bit of cheating. If you run for 10 KM, you would run 10K. There is no coasting.
  • There are other cyclists on the road. Seriously.
  • The street dogs that are familiar with you while running will take some amount of time to get used a different orientation.
  • I used to run the music. Cycling requires higher alertness. Hence, I am skipping the earphones and invest in Bluetooth boom box.
  • The main reason men do not take cycling is speed breakers. They are there everywhere, like God. I am sure they are not good for productivity or re-productivity.

If you agree with everything I say, please join me in protest in front of the house of the local Transport officer. It is next to the fertility clinic. Hope you like AR Rahman streaming from the boombox.

Cyclists of the world, unite. We also have a right to multiply.

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